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Considering global environmental problems, resulting from the relation towards natural resources, like ozone layer depletion, global warming, extinction of plant and animal species, pollution of ecological system, acid rains or waste, has induced us to analyze our own technologies and work methods, as well as to consider our own impact on the environment.

Rolling stock factory GREDELJ has analyzed its own environmental standpoints, and set the goals and compliance programs to meet legal requirements and requirements of ISO 14001:2004 international standard, as well as implemented the environment management system in July 2005. The company`s concern for people and environment has been acknowledged on 2nd of July 2017 when the validity of obtained certificate has been extended for a three year period.


Our company's basic and permanent goals in the field of environment protection are the following:

  • Education of the employees and development of ecological awareness of environment protection significance
  • Improvement and extension of the existing environment protection system for the sake of preserving nature and it's values, reduction of risk for human life and health, ensuring and improving the quality of life today and for future generations
  • Protection and improvement of air quality as a part of environment under special protection of the Republic of Croatia.
  • Rational exploitation and protection of waters, especially from toxic, non-decomposable and bioaccumulative substances hazardous for water environment,
  • Preventing contamination caused by waste and correct treatment of dangerous waste.




Being aware of responsibility concerning environment preservation and impact by the field of our activity, into the existing Environment Management System we implemented principal responsibilities such as waste disposal, liquid waste control, measurement of emissions into the atmosphere from stationary sources and use of hazardous chemicals.  The registry on emissions into the environment is kept in accordance with  the existing regulations, but also with standards of European Union by means of Pollutant Release and Transfer Register.




Waste management is performed in accordance with statutory regulations of the Republic of Croatia. For the purpose of minimizing negative impact on environment there was established a Waste Management System and developed Waste Management Plan within which the significant part is taking an education of employees, especially the ones that are working in process of railway vehicle repair, where hazardous waste is generated.     Municipal waste that is generated in factory is disposed to appropriate waste dump for which has been made the basic classification of waste by which the waste is identified  for the purpose of their ultimate safe disposal.



Quality testing of waste water discharged into the public drainage system is performed by  the authorized institution by taking current samples during the technology process in control shaft for sample taking. The samples taken are analyzed by an external authorized laboratory on all the indicators stipulated by the water permit. Value of waste water discharged into the city system must constantly be in compliance with the quality standards for discharged waters. Thus, being an integral part of environment protection care, waste water quality is being supervised and monitored.




Emissions into the atmosphere are regularly monitored and measured from the stationary sources. Within the framework of the Montreal Protocol implementation in the Republic of Croatia, as well as within elaborated National Program for the Phase-out of Ozone Depleting Substances, there was obtained resolution concerning management of cooling agents,  which are being treated with according to the Code of Good Practice.  In plant registry (Fill-in forms for Limit Values of Pollutant Emissions into the Air from Stationary Sources) were entered activities in which are used organic solvents or products containing evaporable organic compounds, and there were regularly made Annual Balance and Annual Report on Emissions of Evaporable Organic Compounds.




For the purpose of supervision of dangerous chemicals during the work processes in Gredelj Rolling Stock Factory, it has been obtained a resolution for use of hazardous chemicals from the City of Zagreb Office for Health and Veterans - Center for Environmental Health, by which has been determined that regulated requirements regarding space, equipment, workplace safety and fire safety are met.      All employees, who in the course of their work have to use hazardous chemicals, have successfully completed the course for acquisition of knowledge on protection from dangerous chemicals at the Croatian Institute for Toxicology and Antidoping.

To the above-mentioned Institute are submitted collective reports about hazardous chemicals that are used in production processes.   During the implementation of new technologies and procurement of new equipment, the governing principle of the company is to replace the harmful working substances by the less harmful ones.


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